The Hustle Bootcamp

5-weeks intensive online coaching programme on How to Build Profitable, Scalable and Fundable business in Africa

5 weeks | Video modules | Live Q&A 

Private Group | Worksheets | Case studies

Sorry, The Hustle Bootcamp is now closed. It will re-open later in 2018. 

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Are you ready to take decisive action for your future now?

The Hustle Bootcamp is an intensive, 5-week online workshop for high-performing individuals who want to launch, scale and get funding for their business in Africa.

This programme will help you make decisive actions that you need to take to go from "no idea" to running a profitable, scalable and fundable business in Africa.

You are on this page because you recently indicated an interest to join this course.

It means you either want to start your a new business or you want to scale an existing business.

But what do you do when you are not sure of your next step?

What do you do when you have too much information and advice, and you don't know which one will help?


Or when you have specific questions that you can only be answered by those who understand what it means to build a profitable business in Africa?

That’s what The Hustle Bootcamp is for.

Why you have to attend this course?

There are so many information on the internet on business, startups and raising capital. 

This is not your average online course. This is a coaching programme!

Rather, it will be a condensed learning experience through decision-making guides, personalised feedback, coaching and curated readings. Everything is geared towards enabling you to launch your new business or innovate existing one in 5 weeks. 

It took us more than a year to put this together. We had to make sure it is relevant and will produce results for entrepreneurs that want to build a scalable business in Africa. We tested the course with 17 students in a live 3-day Bootcamp.  And we observed how much their business has grown after they completed the programme.

All the case studies and examples will be contextualised for the realities of building a growth business in Africa.

This course will be practical and intensive. It means I’m not going to lecture you or give you too much information. This course will be more of coaching than lecture.

In the course, I am bringing my years of experience as an entrepreneur that has raised money from angel and institutional investors, exited my business and now work as a growth consultant and investor in Africa. 

I will help you address important questions you need to confront as an entrepreneur in Africa. We go through step-by-step plans you need to put in place from having an idea, launching your product, using growth marketing to scale up revenue, attracting the best talent and raising capital.

This course is BETTER than other similar courses you can get elsewhere.

By the End of this Course, You'll

have the competence and confidence to build profitable, scalable and fundable tech-enabled business in Africa


identify the business idea that you should pursue based on the size of the market, opportunities, the resources and passion you have to execute


have step-by-step execution plan for launching your products and services that are adapted to realities of the market you serve


learn how to develop your growth marketing strategies and execute them even if you have a very small budget


be able to use cutting-edge strategies, tools and technology to innovate your business model and promote your business to a wider audience.


learn how to save time and money avoiding mistakes that I and many other entrepreneurs  have made.


how to raise capital from angel and institutional investors for your business.


be part of a tight-knit online community of other ambitious entrepreneurs and have direct access to me on a regular basis.


How The Hustle Bootcamp Works


WEEKLY LESSONS delivered via video along with slide downloads, worksheets, guides, curated readings materials and ebooks. You can also download the videos and audios in HD or Mobile formats thereby allowing you to continue learning without access to the internet.


WEEKLY LIVE Q&A SESSIONS with Dotun and guests that will include top entrepreneurs that have built successful businesses in Africa


PRIVATE MASTERMIND GROUP | an ongoing community where you can share your learnings, get answers to questions and network


STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES on product launch plan, marketing, hiring top talents, raising capital from VC and angel investors (worth $700)


Curated bonuses on tools, product and services from partner organisations 

You should attend this course if 

  • you are a first-time entrepreneur
  • you have a 9-5 career but want to start your own business 
  • you have several product ideas but want to know which one to focus on, and how to turn it into a scalable business
  • you are a corporate executive with responsibility for starting ‘new’ business or product within a large organisation
  • you want to work in high-growth startups

Why you should take a decision now

  • have early access to the course outline and give feedback and contribute to topics/questions I should address in the course
  • join me in live behind-the-scene sessions to discuss how this course will help you achieve your own objectives
  • have early access to the private online community that we are building for the course
  • have a chance to win 45-mins strategy session with me (worth $225)
  • get discounted price for joining early

Course Details

Module 2 - Launch

How to launch a new product. Learn how to design scalable business models around your products and services. Understand key things that differentiate $100m ideas from others and key innovative ways to monetise your product and services that others may be missing.

Module 3 - Grow

How to build a repeatable and scalable growth marketing system. Learn how to identify your audience, craft your product narrative, and build a community around your business. Get step-by-step process for building a scalable and repeatable marketing growth system for your business. Understand how to increase the ROI on your marketing spend and stop wasting money on what does not work.

Module 4 - Lead

How to attract and retain the best talents.

Learn how to identify the skill gaps you have in your team, and what to do about it. Know what makes successful companies attract and retain the best talent when they were still very small and how you can position yourself like them. Develop a mission-driven company culture statements and implementable strategy for your business.

Module 1 - Ideate

How to find and validate a scalable business idea. Ideas are important. Without a good idea, your chances of building a stable, secure and scalable business are significantly low. In this module, we’ll focus on bringing clarity to your business idea. 

Module 5 - Fund

How to raise venture capital. Understand why, how and where to raise money. Get insights on what investors want and how to position your company to them. How to pitch your idea to VCs and private equities in Africa. What to do after you’ve raised capital, how to think long term about exit and returns for investors.

Your Host - Dotun Olowoporoku

Dotun is enterprenuer, investor and consultant. He is the Managing Partner at Starta, a growth marketing advisory for startups and scale-ups in Africa. He is the host of Building the Future podcast. 

He was the recipient of 2014 Southwest England Breakthrough Business Prize, and has been identified as one of the 42 under 42 most influential business person in Southwest England.

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This course is focused on real projects and practical outcomes that will change your business

"It is not the will to win that matters. Everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters"

Sorry, The Hustle Bootcamp is now closed. It will re-open later in 2018. 

If you'd like to be added to the waiting list, enter your information in this form, and you'll be the first to know when we open more seats.

Enrollment Closed - Get Notified When We Re-open